About Us

We are problem solvers, engineers and changemakers that came together in explore the connundrum:

Why is English as a language 'uncomfortable' in many parts of the world. 

Our tribe shared stories and experiences living in Jordan, India, USA, Thailand, Mozambique, China and Peru to come to a realization that a huge faction of the world today struggles to operate in the language of the internet.

As we zoom towards the age of Artificial Intellegence and Cryptos, of joy rides to space and self driven cars, majority of people are doomed to be watching from sidelines. The disconnect caused by inability to communicate in a commin language is inexcusable.

Countries across the world has acknowledged the need to make English a staple language. And yet, a highly educated person from a non native englsih speaking country, who has completed her education in english, struggles to operate in the language. Myrid of socio-economic factors play a role in this scenario. Even so, it is hilarious that almost two decades of learning a language falls short when it counts. 

Lets take a look beyond the academia. How about the ones beyond the pipeline of education? The section of society that is already in the workforce? The home makers, entreprenurs and employees, senior citizens who patch their language skills and hobble along because they 'missed' their shot at owning this skill.

The progress as part of 4IR effectievely leaves people behind.

Eldunari understands that the global citizens of the world are missing out on the joys of a language, of cultural and knowledge exchnage that comes when we tap into the rich pulsating world at hand. We are the sherpas and we are ready to take you on this adventure. 

Our solution: We make English comfortable for you.